ZHC INSANE 24 HOUR "YOU WON'T" CHALLENGE ft/ Abby Lee, Tony Lopez, Rebecca Zamolo

Part 2 of the most epic collection of stars in one video since USloft Rewind! I give "you won't" dares for 24 straight hours to ZHC, Abby Lee Miller, Tony Lopez, Elliana Walmsley, Rebecca Zamolo, Pressley Hosbach, Carter Sharer and many more! I wanted to find a way to thank all of you for 5M subscribers, so I zoomed with fans for 24 hours- answering questions, giving away merch, teaching photography- while surprising them with incredible guest stars! Last week I posted Part 1 with Charli, Heidi and Marc D'Amelio, Lilly K, Sofie Dossi, Nia Sioux, Piper Rockelle, Anna mcNulty, the Rybka Twins and many more!
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